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Dust Cover For LCD/Plasma TV - 40 to 42 inch

LCD/Plasma TV - 40 to 42 inch Dust Cover
  • PROTECTION against damaging contaminants like dirt, dust, spills & static.
  • DURABLE & LONG LASTING FABRICS to help ensure your equipment runs efficiently.
  • CUSTOM MADE FOR YOUR ITEM IN THE USA. We use manufacturer dimensions or your specified dimensions, with each cover custom made for only your item. You don’t have to measure and guess the size to buy, or settle for a generic size. And we guarantee the cover you receive will match the size we promised.
  • $64.99

DigitalDeckCovers Dust Covers protect your valuable equipment against dust, spills, scratches, water, and other contaminants. We offer only the best anti-static fabrics, including: nylon with PVC lining, heavy-weight cotton, premium padded vinyl, and quilted options for an extremely sturdy, durable and attractive dust cover. (See our Fabric Page for detailed descriptions and photos.)

Each cover has an open bottom and slips over the top of your equipment, and can easily be folded and stored when not in use.

Our dust covers are machine sewn with heavy duty thread to make sure they will never fray or come apart, and the bottom is double hemmed for a good fit that stays put.

Specifically, this protective cover is individually made to fit the specifications of a LCD/Plasma TV - 40 to 42 inch.

Always custom-made in the USA, using a DigitalDeckCovers dust cover is a great way to ensure your expensive equipment lasts a long time!

For additional close‐up pictures and descriptions of each fabric, please visit our Fabric Details page

Nylon with PVC Lining




Premium Fabrics


*Additional charge for these fabrics



Remote Pocket

A REMOTE POCKET added on a lower side panel, approximately 4.5" wide by 12" tall, and made from the same material as your cover. Additional cost for a remote pocket is $20 per cover.

Great idea if you are always losing the remote!

Center Opening

You can choose to have a CENTER OPENING on the back side of your cover to accommodate the wall mount, ceiling mount, or cables. (Pedestals don't need the center slit unless it protrudes more than 5 inches from back of TV.)

Bottom Velcro

If you’d like to have more coverage at the bottom of your TV cover, we offer a BOTTOM VELCRO closure option for an additional fee. Additional length will be added to the height of the cover, with Velcro strips sewn in around the bottom. This will allow “pinching” of the bottom closed when desired. Additional cost for the bottom closure option is $20 per cover.

The standard depth size used for our TV covers is 5"; if you would like this dimension enlarged to 10",
then please select the "Large - 10 inches" option for "DEPTH MEASUREMENT."

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